Buy American

032609_buy_americanAt GENTRY, we try as much as possible to keep all of our production domestic. Not only is this decision steeped in the respect for the quality craftsmanship that the American garment industry was known for in the mid twentieth century, the era that informs much of the classic aesthetic of GENTRY. But it is also in response to a growing demand for authenticity.

Our friends Ali Paul and Michael Williams of PR firm Paul + Williams (also the prolific author of A Continuous Lean, summed up the reasoning for such patriotic sartorial pride on Valet Mag:

“In Japan, consumers want English things to be from England, French things to be from France and American things to be made in America. It’s a quality that I believe is derived from a devotion to authenticity. Portland, Oregan-based Danner is a perfect example of the type of company the Japanese love to support. Danner, which is often over-looked by the newly minted throngs of Red Wing admirers, has been making quality boots in America since the early 1930s. It’s about time we as Americans hold companies that shun domestic manufacturing to as high of standards as our Japanese friends.” – Michael Williams

The Rake – The Voice of Your Dapper Uncle


Compliments to our friends at BPMW and their blog, We Are The Market, for discovering the voice of the the fashionably eccentric stalwart uncle that every family loves to see every other christmas when he’s passing through between jaunts across the globe. The Rake is a magazine that pegs itself as “The Modern Voice of Classic Men’s Elegance.” It’s pages are filled with articles on “gentlemanly sophistication and style” and information for those “seeking to recapture the codes of classic men’s elegance.”

It is comforting to see that chivalry and decorum are still alive and well in our society; that ephemeral trends and vertical fashion haven’t completely taken over amidst a gloomy economy; and that the gentleman is still held in high regard.

Just as much as the manner in which a man presents himself to the world in his outward appearance, the true essence of a man is in his actual manner of conduct and living.

Hats off to The Rake. You’re welcome at our dinner table anytime you decide to drop into town. We could all use a dose of your worldly experience. God knows eccentric Uncle Frederic never disappoints.

Until his next visit, read his article on The Shirt, that timeless essential of every man’s wardrobe.

Billy Reid Holiday Box Set

billyreid-9815 At GENTRY we put a premium on paying attention to the details. This mantra extends into the presentation and packaging just as much as that which is being presented. So it goes without being said that we were very impressed when we came upon this holiday box set from Billy Reid, the Dixie-based designer. The old school case is constructed from reclaimed pine wood containing four soft tee shirts (two short sleeve, two long sleeve) along with a compilation album of hand-picked songs by Reid.

The Billy Reid Music Box Set retails for $295 with only 200 being made. The music box set is available at all seven Billy Reid stores as well as on the newly re-launched Billy Reid website.

GENTRY — Life Lived in Details

GENTRY is a modern rethinking of classic men’s accessories inspired by the golden era of menswear, a time when attention to the finer points made all the difference. It harkens back to a time when thick plumes of smoke and the aroma of aged brandy effortlessly wafted around the debates and discussions of serious men in slick suits. The accessories found in every GENTRY box provide the sartorial details that push a man from forgettable to timeless.

This is our Travelogue of the Gentry. It is a closely edited collection of writings, musings, observations and images from a class of gentlemen from around the globe. Each embodies discerning taste and worldly gentility, the defining traits of the New American Gentry. In these pages, it is our aim to inform, enlighten and incite intrigue and discussion of people, places and things that oft go overlooked.