GENTRY — Life Lived in Details

GENTRY is a modern rethinking of classic men’s accessories inspired by the golden era of menswear, a time when attention to the finer points made all the difference. It harkens back to a time when thick plumes of smoke and the aroma of aged brandy effortlessly wafted around the debates and discussions of serious men in slick suits. The accessories found in every GENTRY box provide the sartorial details that push a man from forgettable to timeless.

This is our Travelogue of the Gentry. It is a closely edited collection of writings, musings, observations and images from a class of gentlemen from around the globe. Each embodies discerning taste and worldly gentility, the defining traits of the New American Gentry. In these pages, it is our aim to inform, enlighten and incite intrigue and discussion of people, places and things that oft go overlooked.