The Rake – The Voice of Your Dapper Uncle


Compliments to our friends at BPMW and their blog, We Are The Market, for discovering the voice of the the fashionably eccentric stalwart uncle that every family loves to see every other christmas when he’s passing through between jaunts across the globe. The Rake is a magazine that pegs itself as “The Modern Voice of Classic Men’s Elegance.” It’s pages are filled with articles on “gentlemanly sophistication and style” and information for those “seeking to recapture the codes of classic men’s elegance.”

It is comforting to see that chivalry and decorum are still alive and well in our society; that ephemeral trends and vertical fashion haven’t completely taken over amidst a gloomy economy; and that the gentleman is still held in high regard.

Just as much as the manner in which a man presents himself to the world in his outward appearance, the true essence of a man is in his actual manner of conduct and living.

Hats off to The Rake. You’re welcome at our dinner table anytime you decide to drop into town. We could all use a dose of your worldly experience. God knows eccentric Uncle Frederic never disappoints.

Until his next visit, read his article on The Shirt, that timeless essential of every man’s wardrobe.


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