B. Black & Sons

IMG00142-20091130-1608IMG00144-20091130-1612IMG00143-20091130-1611Much like its much more popular cousin New York, Los Angeles has a long and storied history as an integral part of America’s garment industry. Families have for generations been leaders in every part of the fashion industry. This is a heritage and tradition we at GENTRY hold in high regard and whenever possible we try and support by keeping as much of our company as local as possible.

B. Black & Sons has been open since 1922 providing Los Angeles with some of the best fabrics. Now four generations deep, B. Black & Sons has become a trusted friend and confidante when it comes to sourcing many of our unique textiles used to make our neckties.

There’s just something about the history, heritage and nostalgic charm of a family run business that’s been a mainstay in the same location for decades that we can’t get enough of. Walking through their crammed aisles feels like an excursion through your grandfather’s old closet where the smell of moth balls conjures not only a couple subdued coughs but also a sense of perspective and respect.

We tip our hats to the Black/Volk family.


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