The Beauty of Actual Books

hard bound booksSome call it old fashioned. We call it tradition. In the age of the kindle and mass-produced paperback books by James Patterson and Dan Brown, there’s still something about the deliberateness of the one pound hard bound edition book with its scent reminiscent of your dad’s first briefcase that we just can’t get past.

It’s kind of like the love-hate relationship we have with the newspaper. Despite it being a massive and arguably needless waste of trees and a futile battle between the ink and your hands staying clean, we still love the process and tradition that surrounds the Sunday paper (Yes, we’ve given in to the ease of newsfeeds direct to our PDAs the first six days of the week). There’s just nothing better on a Sunday than walking 3 blocks to the coffee shop, picking up a large black coffee along with the paper and spending the first hour of the day thumbing through each section.

Though many lament the eventual and soon to be demise of the publishing industry as vehemently as right wingers predict the imminent oncoming of the 3 horsemen and the accompanying raputre, we still steadfastly believe that publishing will always be here to stay. In what form and scope we are not sure. But regardless, there is one thing we can say for sure: Who the hell wants to cozy up on the couch with a plastic box and easily losable stylus?

Jane Smiley has a great article on this in today’s Sunday paper. Read HERE.


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