Albert Hammond Jr. For Confederacy

8fc57e984eb35450f9322b72c178ffc3 Yes, we know we’re getting around to posting this late, but it took us actually going into Confederacy to see the line to jump on the Albert Hammond Jr. For Confederacy bandwagon. We’ve heard so much about it, but seeing it for yourself is a whole different story.

The collection is concise with extreme detail to precision tailoring consisting of 7 suits and 1 trench coat. The suits are immaculately tailored, beautifully cut and just have that panache that makes a man feel like more of a man when he walks into a room. Plus, when you have houndstooth, herringbone and burgundy suits to choose from, you know that you’re going to be the object of envy in any room you waltz into. If that’s not enough, check the fact that there are only 48 of each made…how’s that for individuality?

Big thanks to Nick, Confederacy’s Manager, for giving us a tour of the line and for the amazing merchandising of GENTRY’s box sets. Click HERE to see our favorite piece from the line.


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