heutchy1Heutchy5When not designing for one of your favorite lines that you wish you could fill your closet with, our good friends Brandon T. Snider and Wells Stellberger moonlight as the dynamic gentlemen behind one one of our favorite line of men’s shoes, Heutchy. Pronounced “HI-CHY”, this line, like GENTRY, pays homage to classic menswear but fuses its aesthetic with a modern update.

In their own words: “Our mission is to create a shoe that’s of an intelligent, modern design; something that bridges that gap between casual and formal, an all-purpose classic made from quality materials. We aim to build a shoe that’s forward in concept but lacking pretense; something adaptable that mixes classic and contemporary, a staple shoe in every man’s wardrobe.”

We absolutely love these shoes and wouldn’t suggest any better compliment to a GENTRY tie than a Heutchy shoe.

Check them out at www.heutchy.com to see what retailers are near you. Add a pair of these to your wardrobe and you too can be the envy of any room.

Note: Each photo features a snapshot of four different styles


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