The New York Times Sommelier, Eric Asimov


Eric Asimov serves as the Chief Wine Critic for The New York Times. He graciously lends his delightfully refined palate to help those of us less inclined navigate the oft times convoluted pleasures of the culture of wine, beers and spirits.

In addition to his printed pieces, Eric has one of the most thorough, thought-provoking and credible wine and spirits blog called The Pour. More than a blog, he really exemplifies an acute understanding of the intricacies of this culture and dexterously quips on everything from the business aspects to the overall culture of wines and spirits. Aside from being someone I would blindly follow into any wine country in any part of the globe, he’s also quite the entertaining writer. To find someone who can engage on such a specific culture is indeed a rarity.

Bookmark him now.


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