Drew Heitzler at Blum & Poe

02sLA Times Art Critic Christopher Knight writes about Drew Heitzler’s “new triptych of three appropriated Hollywood films re-edited and transferred to video [in] an elaborate, highly stylized bit of historical theatre.”

This projected work of melange chronicles the subtle shifts between the Beat Generation and the Pop era, with Hollywood B-movies framing the raw material of this backdrop.

The Wild Ride (1960) has Jack Nicholson as a tragic troublemaker at the dirt-racing track. dennis Hopper is obsessed with a carnival mermaid in Night Tide (1961). And Warren Beatty pursues mercurial Jean Seberg at a sanitarium in Lilith (1964), as fellow patient Peter Fonda commits suicide in despair. Heitzler’s multiple screens, choice of black-and-white pictures and youthful movie stars together seem to recall Andy Warhol’s films, which he began to make in 1963.”

The exhibition is an intimate and unique look into the psyche of Los Angeles through the lens of film and history.

The exhibit runs through January 30th. Blum & Poe is located at 2727 S. La Cienega Boulevard. For more information visit: Blum & Poe.


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