Jim Krantz, the Marlboro Man

pulse7The ubiquitous Marlboro Man, who through the years has become one of the iconic figures of Americana with its embodiment of man in the rugged outdoors with nothing but his bare hands- and Marlboro cigarettes- is based on the commercial photographic work of Jim Krantz. More commonly known is the fact that Richard Prince appropriated the ads in the 1990s and turned them into a million-dollar art piece.

Finally Jim Krantz is getting the recognition he deserves through a show he is having at Colette in Paris. There he will be displaying works from a project with Adam Kimmel, in which he photographed the designer’s spring collection on real cowboys at the ranch in Utah where the original Marlboro ads were shot. Additional landscape and large format portraits taken from a single crowd shot at a bullfight will also be on display.

Jim Krantz’s work will be on display at Colette from Jan. 4 to 30.


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