Urban Daddy | Gentry

The good people of Urban Daddy were kind enough to reach out and pose a few questions to us for a profile they wrote on GENTRY. Being huge fans of this culture publication, we were ecstatic when this went up. Take a look at the full piece HERE.


SU-YOON Launches FW'10 Sneak Preview


We generally don’t concern ourselves with the trappings of the other sex, but once we saw this new line of women’s shoes from SU-YOON, we had to rethink our approach. Not only are these some of the most innovative designs we’ve seen in a while, but not concerning oneself with the things a woman wants is akin to choosing the path of that perenially single lady with the 5 cats who always corners you in the hallway chatting about….her cats.

Keep an eye out for their debut at Compass in NYC and Capsule in Vegas. Also make sure to come back for an interview with the inimitable Christine Su, mastermind behind SU-YOON.

Macallan Viscount Linley Whisky Case

macallan-whisky2Handcrafted from English Burr Oak, Macallan commissioned renowned craftsman Viscount Linley to craft the cabinet, which was produced solely for Harrods and contains six bottles of vintage Macallan malt whisky from 1937, 1940, 1948, 1955, 1966 and 1970.

The cabinet also includes six bespoke Linley crystal tumblers, as well as a cigar humidor.

Nikki & Rich

RSVPNikki & Rich are the best thing to hit music since Diana Ross met The Supremes. Their sound is reminiscent of that doo wop soul that permeated the American music landscape of the 1950s. The music transports you back to a better time when you got your soda from a fountain and enjoyed dinner around a dining room table. It does exactly what music should do: Incite nostalgia.

They describe themselves as: “Lauryn Hill meets The Supremes while hanging out with Alicia Keys listening to Outkast “Hey Yah”

However you describe their music, we’re proud to call Rich and Nikki friends and wish them the best of luck in 2010 as they release their first major label album on Reprise/Warner Bros.

If you’re in LA and can sneak your way into the room, come check out their showcase tomorrow at 9PM at The Roxy. If you’re not in the area, you can always check them out on their MYSPACE PAGE

The Rake | Tom Ford

left_magThe Rake, which pegs itself as the modern voice of classic men’s elegance, has just released its newest issue featuring Tom Ford on its cover. On it, Mr. Ford is seen per usual with his top 3 buttons unbuttoned in all his hairy chested gloriness. Verdict is still out on this look as we move into 2010.

See for yourself at The Rake.

Bottega Louie

lWhen Bottega Louie opened in April of 2009, downtown instantly became an even better place to be. Though this may not be the timeliest of posts, we’re such huge fans of this palatial restaurant/gourmet market/patisserie that boasts a dazzling melange of white marble, brass trim and floor-to-ceiling windows, that we had to write about it.

This 10,000 square foot restaurant sits at the corner of 7th & Grand, a neighborhood that is quickly experiencing a renaissance. Early on it was beset by some setbacks with the 11 story condo complex above filing for Chapter 11. Despite this, the first floor, which was formerly the home of Brooks Brothers, forged on and became Bottega Louie, one of the standout new restaurants in Los Angeles in 2009.

Since its opening, we’ve become regulars here. We recommend the osso buto, kurobuta pork chops and bowl or mussels and clams steamed in white wine.

Bottega Louie

700 South Grand Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90017


The Handpresso Wild

handpresso-wild-010610-xlgHere at GENTRY we are suckers for great things that come in small packages. When that idea is married with our near constant need for a quick yet coffee house-caliber fix for caffeine, we can’t help getting overly excited.

The Handpresso Wild ($140) works like this: Pump the handle on the Handpresso until the necessary amount of pressure it built up. Pour hot water into the half dome, throw in a coffee pod, and press the release button. The pressure forces the water through the pod and into your espresso cup giving you that perfect shot of espresso anywhere you are.

The Los Angeles Epicurean Experience in 2009

2396707The city of Los Angeles had a great year in their quest to redefine the epicurean experience of this city as one that is nationally recognized as a top dining destination.

From world-renowned chefs such as Thomas Keller, Jose Andres, Nobu Matsuhisa and Tom Colicchio all opening up new restaurants to the advent of the roach coaches, our dining takes its cues from the melting pot of people it serves.

Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Weekly, Jonathan Gold has a nice little commentary in the LA Times about the year in food in Los Angeles. Read it HERE.

Also, be on the lookout for the 2nd Annual LA Weekly Gold Standard Food Event taking place February 28th at the Peterson Automotive Museum. Jonathan Gold personally curates all the restaurants himself, bringing to life his writings on our food scene. They have yet to announce anything formal, but LA Weekly gave us a sneak preview of the line-up and it’s definitely worth taking note of.

Darri Lorenzen at KROME Gallery – Through Feb 13, 2010


From The Website: Krome Gallery presents “In Point of Fact”, a site-performative exhibition by Icelandic artist Darri Lorenzen (*1978). He turns the exhibition space into a real and at the same time virtual protagonist by means of subtle interventions into its architecture and also by transforming it within a computer generated three-dimensional simulation. In the center of the (real) space stands a wooden, antique vitrine deriving from the inventory of the adjacent former Karl-Marx-bookstore. This display object becomes both the projection screen (of an absent art object) and the animated actor within the computer simulation – in addition to further personnel gradually made up by the visitors during the time of the exhibition. The visitor is thus becoming a part of an interplay of shifting and overlapping perceptions of space, time and body.

It was already when studying at the art academy in Reykjavik, where Darri Lorenzen graduated in 2003, that he was developing performative models and strategies for the experience of space, time and body. Within his practical education Darri Lorenzen was led to put an emphasis on auditory techniques and processes that he deepened at the Interfaculty Image & Sound of the Royal Art Academy Den Haag from 2002-2003.

Before moving to Berlin in 2005, Darri Lorenzen realized a number of performative projects in Iceland, particularly at The Living Art Museum. Since then he has been creating projects worldwide for solo and group exhibitions such as in New York (Gallery Boreas, 2005), Belgium (Kunsthalle Loppem, 2006), Australia (Gallery BUS, Melbourne 2006), Istanbul (4th International Student Triennial, 2006), Italy (Project Gentili, Prato 2007), Basel (Uovo Open Office, 2008), Norway (5th Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moss 2009).

– KROME Gallery is a premiere gallery space in Berlin showcasing modern artists from throughout the world. If you’re ever in Berlin, this should be at the top of your visit list.

Bis bald – S.

Art & Architecture
Karl-Marx-Allee 82
10243 Berlin

U-Bahn: U5 Strausberger Platz

T: +49 (0)30 280 946 59
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