The Cufflink King

the cufflink kingJust like your father’s trusty old ’57 Chevy he shines every weekend, The Cufflink King can always be counted on to be in the same stall every second Sunday of the month at The Rose Bowl Flea Market.

David is by far one of the nicest men around, but is also known for boasting one of the world’s largest, if not largest, collection of cufflinks. He’s been collecting rare and vintage cufflinks for over 20 years now and has an encyclopedic knowledge of these small adornments that once were the de rigueur accessory for any gentleman’s daily attire. If I remember correctly, the man at one time had around 20,000 pairs of cufflinks.

If you’re ever at the flea market, do make sure to stop by and introduce yourself to David. His charm and passion for life are intoxicating. You can also check out his website HERE.


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