The Berlin GENTRY


Greetings ladies and gentlemen from Europe’s most vibrant and exciting city, Berlin. It is my pleasure to share with you all the culture, fashion and various insights that make Berlin truly a unique and dynamic place. To really get the full experience from the city, you need to travel beyond the heavily beaten paths of Charlottenburg and Potsdamer Platz and delve deeper into the areas that give Berlin its heartbeats. One such area is my neighbourhood – Friedrichshain. With its mix of traditional and modern, fashionable young people bustling about and tiny Omas (Grannies in German) strolling the streets, shiny minimalist and crumbled derelict buildings – Friedrichshain is what Berlin is to me – a juxtaposition of old and new.

It is with great enthusiasm, that, as GENTRY’s Berlin correspondent, I’ll be updating you with trends and happenings from throughout the city. From the hippest stores and galleries to the places that we (my wife and I) like to hang out at – you’ll hopefully get a true Berlin experience.

Bis bald – S.


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