Cecconi's | Warren Alfie Baker

Depending on your general disposition and outlook on life, Sundays are primarily for:

A) Church

B) Brunch

C) Sleeping

Although we’re never one to pass up an opportunity to don Sunday’s Best, we generally skip A and go straight to B…and when there’s time slip in C.

One of the best locations for a Sunday brunch is Cecconi’s on Robertson and Melrose. With true European service, Cecconi’s serves up a simple yet impressive menu of breakfast basics amidst one of the most beautiful indoor/outdoor courtyards.

We had brunch with Warren Alfie Baker, a true English gentleman, who not only runs the showroom for Reiss, but also is the face of GENTRY. Over coffee and english breakfast tea, he gave us his thoughts on the new season in preparation for our trip to (capsule) next week. One can never overvalue the opinion of the London gentry.


8764 Melrose Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90069




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