Su-Yoon | Heutchy | Bijules

Su-Yoon from Christine Su & Liz Yoon

the wedge from Su-Yoon

Liz Yoon & Christine Su from Su-Yoon

Heutchy out of NYC

Some of the standouts from Heutchy's Fall '10 line

Bijules NYC -- one of the best women's jewelry lines

The always stunning Jules Kim of Bijules

We would be remiss if we did not mention some of our favorite brands that we saw in Vegas this week.

These 3 brands represent some of the most talented people designing right now.

Even though they are all out of New York, we can only hope that they one day decide to make the move to Los Angeles.

Su-Yoon |

Heutchy |

Bijules |

Watch and learn how it’s done.


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