Dean Chalkley's Exhibition 'The New Faces'

In 2010, it was believed Mods had long since left our streets. It was thought they were replaced by a lackluster generation of sweats and hoodie wearing individuals who put nothing above comfort.

Thankfully Dean Chalkley discovered this group of young mods at a club in London. Not only did they dress impecabbly, reminiscent of the sharp dressing men and women of the 50’s and 60’s, but they also carried a panache and moxy not seen since…well since the 50’s and 60’s.

In Chalkley’s own words: “These guys are the antithesis of the all too common don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of some young adults,” explains Chalkley. “They’re bright young folk who take a real pride in how they present themselves and they’re really into their music – mainly late 50s and early 60s rhythm and blues. They’re actually from varied backgrounds and different parts of the country – but their shared passion for music, dancing and looking sharp brings them together. And you should see them dance –they look good and they’ve got the moves!”

‘The New Faces’ exhibition opened this weekend at The Book Club on Leonard St. in London.

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