The Monocle | Warby Parker Eyewear

Style blog, Get Kempt, put us onto a new piece from Warby Parker Eyewear that has us drooling more than when we lived in Shanghai and got massaged weekly byYu-Lin the blind masseuse (Yes, she is real. Losing the sense of sight, humans naturally adapt through the heightening of all other functioning senses. In this case, the sense of touch is enhanced to the point of being able to find knots and kinks you didn’t even know you had, but I digress).

Warby Parker Eyewear has recently included this monocle in their line sheet, a piece that has unfortunately faded from everyday conversations and even further from everyday wear. They’re calling this one the “Colonel Whiskey Tortoise.”

Hang this piece from your 3-button vest from a double albert chain, with compass fob opposite it, and you will easily become the envy of the entire room.

4 thoughts on “The Monocle | Warby Parker Eyewear

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