House on Genesee

If GENTRY were to have a last name it would be Artigas. The Artigas family are the creative force behind what has become one of LA’s most dynamic spaces, House on Genesee.

In their own words: “Genesee is a place where art, design and fashion converge in space and time. Located in a 1920s pistachio colored neoclassical house, the setting is a contemporary investigation of the 18th century salon. Genesee is a collective environment for artists, designers, architects, writers, and thinkers who seek to understand what it means to produce in these times.”

The Artigas family has fast become GENTRY family. Not only do they carry our line, but they also cook us the most delicious lunches.

In addition to GENTRY, House on Genesee houses lines such as Esquivel, KZO, Odyn Vovk as well as beautiful custom furniture designed by Alejandro.

But it’s the salsa hand-made in small batches my the matriarch of the family that’s the real standout.

And don’t forget to stop by The Esquivel House for “The Handmade” to find a collaborative retail space between Esquivel and Genesee where you can find some beautiful pieces that are…well…handmade.


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