Mr. Efron in GENTRY | The Salinger Collection

Mr. Efron recently donned a new tie bar from GENTRY’s Salinger Collection at the premiere of his new film, Charlie St. Cloud.

He is the first to have worn this new piece, The Clean Feather, from The Salinger Collection, in stores Fall 2010.

Thanks to our good friend Jenny Ricker for her styling prowess.

This piece is not in stores until September 1, 2010.

For now, you can purchase from The Fitzgerald and The Hemingway Collections at:

Revolve (Online)

Confederacy (LA)

Acrimony (SF)


GENTRY Fall '10 Look Book | Sneak Preview

We’ve always steadfastly adhered to the mantra of never “blowing ones load” prematurely, so we will take this global reveal slow and steady.

At the moment, we are diligently funneling our attention to laying out our Fall 2010 Salinger Collection look book.

Here is a sneak preview of things to come.

Toni Torres & Min Young Lee

Yesterday we sat down over a beautiful home made lunch at The Alfred House with our friends Toni Torres and Min Young Lee to review the selects from GENTRY’s Fall 2010 photo shoot.

The selects proved to be stunning. Toni Torres captured the mood and aesthetic of GENTRY expertly.

The lunch also gave us a chance to get to know his fiance, Min Young Lee, a little better. She told us about her crazy days living in NYC working for topĀ  and brands such as Comme de Garcons among others. Her experience soon led her to Los Angeles where she has launched her eponymous line, Min Young Lee. Check it out HERE.

Gentry Fall 2010 Campaign Photo Shoot | Part 1

GENTRY just wrapped its Fall 2010 photo shoot for The Salinger Collection.

Although proper decorum calls for never congratulating oneself too profusely, our mothers have also taught us that there are exceptions to every rule. So in honor of my mother, I would like to say that GENTRY has officially arrived.

Union Station Track 13 was home to the Patron Express where we shot our campaign.

Toni Torres’ years of experience shooting men translated into a mood straight from a 50s noir film.

And our hats are tipped to the 4 gentlemen who are the new face of GENTRY.

The New American Gentry Class:

Anthony Mandler

Rich Voll

Warren Alfie Baker

Chris Clancy

This is just a small preview of 2 of the 8 set ups we did for this shoot. In the coming days, we will continue to release more photos as well as introduce you to each of the gentlemen who are the first to be granted membership in the New American Gentry Class.

GENTRY Available at Acrimony SF

GENTRY is now available online at the Acrimony store in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley District.

Our really good friend Jenny Chung just recently picked up our Hemingway Collection. We could not have asked for a better SF account to be in.

If you’re ever in the area, Acrimony carries some beautiful lines, many of which are exclusive to her in SF (Raf Simons, Nom de Guerre, Endovanera, Bijules, Hyden Yoo, Chalayan by Hussein Chalayan, Odyn Vovk, Alexander Wang, Public School).


333 Hayes St. Suite 100

LA Eyeworks

Our good friends over at LA Eyeworks today treated us to a rummage session through their Beverly store. Brent Zerger, Director of Communications, gave us the grand tour of the collection to pull pieces for our campaign shoot this weekend.

After using their beautiful optics in our last season’s campaign, we instantly fell in love with these amazing pieces of eye wear.

A big thank you to our friends at LA Eyeworks who have put Los Angeles on the map for beautiful optical craftsmanship as well as for allowing us to come along with them for the ride.

Thank you Brent and Aunty Gai.

Jewelry Manufacturing | Behind the Scenes

This week the GENTRY family is preparing to shoot our Fall 2010 campaign for our new season, The Salinger Collection.

The day started off with a walk through with our photographer, Toni Torres, on The Patron Express. Our pal Pam D. from Patron graciously gave us free reign to shoot on this beautifully restored original 1920’s train car that they run on Amtrak all across the country.

Afterwards, I swung by the jewelry district to visit Arsen, our jewelry manufacturer. He was literally in the middle of casting our masters and samples in his 8th floor studio.

The man has been casting and crafting jewelry for generations and is a master at what he does.

For the uninitated, the process basically entails:

1) Sketching the designs

2) Sketches into CAD files

3) CAD files are used to create wax molds

4) Wax molds are used to cast metal masters

5) From the masters, samples and production are casted

6) Plating and/or finishing

The Los Angeles Jewelry District is full of talented jewelers who have been honing their craft for generations. It just takes some great friends and mentors like Guillaume Pajolec of Han Cholo to help you navigate your way through the madness that is downtown LA.