GENTRY Loves Ilaria Urbinati

GENTRY launched its first collection Holiday 2009 exclusively with Confederacy. Since then, Ilaria Urbinati has been fully behind our brand and much of our success is thanks to that support.

We’re proud to call Ilaria and Confederacy family.

GENTRY Loves Ilaria U.

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Colin Farrell | Flaunt Magazine

Flaunt Magazine has steadfastly remained one of the few fashion/lifestyle magazines that are based in Los Angeles/west coast with international appeal and respect. With the majority of our country’s fashion publications being based out of New York, Los Angeles has continually had to prove itself as a veritable publishing mecca where insightful editorial and forward-thinking photojournalism could stem from.

We have long been friends with Luis Barajas, Founder and Publisher, who has maintained the relevancy of Flaunt since its inception.

With the recent addition of another friend of ours, Laury Smith, as West Coast Fashion Director, expect to see even more beautiful spreads characteristic of this beautiful glossy.

In the August issue, cover star Colin Farrell can be seen wearing a GENTRY tie bar from The Hemingway Collection.

This tie bar can be bought HERE at Confederacy.

J.D. Salinger

Jerome David Salinger, better known the the world as J.D. Salinger, was one of the most prolific American writers of the mid-twentieth century. He was best known for his 1951 novel, The Catcher in the Rye.

Though reclusive in nature, he still remained one of the most beloved American writers. Born and raised in New York, the earlier part of his career was marked with successes as a writer for The New Yorker.

After releasing The Catcher in the Rye in 1951 he gained immediate notoriety, which catapulted him into the public eye. “His depiction of adolescent alienation and loss of innocence in the protagonist Holden Caulfield was influential, especially among adolescent readers. The novel remains widely read and controversial.

His body of work was a major source of inspiration for GENTRY’s Fall 2010 collection. As an homage to this great American writer, we named our new season The Salinger Collection.