Gentry Gives Suiting Advice on

Gentry was recently asked by our friends at to weigh in on men’s suiting, specifically when it is time to tailor a new suit once you’ve shed those pounds at the gym.

One of our recommendations were:

“If you haven’t thrown away all your college suits, please do so now.”

But you knew that.

For more sage advice like this from Gentry and other suiting experts, see the full article HERE.

Gentry Man Anthony Mandler for HP & GQ

Gentry Man and all around Renaissance Man, Anthony Mandler, was recently featured in this month’s issue of GQ as a modern day auteur. He was handpicked by HP as their new ambassador for his talents behind the camera.

But what many may not know, is his talents in front of the camera as well. The photo used in the promotion was from Gentry’s Fall 2010 Campaign shoot where Mr. Mandler nearly stole the show. For photos of the entire shoot, check out our website and click on the Products Page for The Salinger Collection.

Gentry Goes Ivy League | Books & Liquor

After New York Fashion Week, Gentry took a trip to Boston. Aside from selling into our first Boston store, The Tannery on Boylston, we got the chance to feel smarter- or dumber depending on your perspective- than we actually are and walk the campus of Harvard.

We met a dandy of a lady named Emily Xie who runs Harvard’s premier fashion blog, which chronicles the elite academics of Harvard and their Ivy League fashion sensibilities.

It is definitely worth a gander. Not only are these the smartest kids in the country, but unbeknownst to many, also some of the most well-put together.

Check out their chronicles at

Thank you to Emily for her generous post here on Gentry.

Gentry Hosts New York Fashion Week Dinner

Gentry hosted a dinner during fashion week for all its closest friends. When it was all said and done, we had 17 friends and friends of friends come through to enjoy drinks, food and conversation.

We wanted to send a big thank you to all our Gentry family for making the time to come out and celebrate with us.

Just a few of our friends who made it out:

Christine Su & Liz Yoon – Rolling Stone/Su-Yoon

Brandon Snider & Dawson Stellberger – Heutchy/Marc Jacobs

Renee Patron – Secta/Pret A Porter Paris

Jules Kim – Bijules NYC

Peter James Lee – Cassette

Albert Yeh – Esquivel

Lisa Tan – H.Stern

Elisa Goodkind –

Wil Perkins – Nike

Gentry Shot by Tommy Ton on during NY Fashion Week

Gentry spent a week in New York during fashion week. Along the way, we caught some amazing shows from some of the best American designers that continue to put the U.S. back at the forefront of global fashion.

During our trip, GQ correspondent, Tommy Ton, snapped a few shots of Gentry in his section called, “men who brought their A-games to New York Fashion Week.”

Although we had no idea who he was, here are some of the photos.

You can see all the well-dressed men HERE