Gentlemanly Advice | How to Wear Your Collar Clip

A signature piece of ours is the collar clip. This particular accoutrement is a modern uptake on the classic collar pin/collar bar that was a prevalent piece of menswear in the 1920s.

This small piece of mens jewelry was designed to clasp on to the tips of each shirt collar, passing underneath the knot of the tie, functioning to keep the collar held steadfastly down and in place.

Unfortunately since those times, dress shirts no longer have the buttons and therefore old collar pins and collar bars have no where to be fastened.

Enter GENTRY and our redesign. Each collar clip is fastened with small pins that pin into the tips of each collar, fastened together by a double link chain that appropriately hangs below the knot of the tie, adding just enough of a touch to elevate your ensemble.

Here we see a gentleman seamlessly pulling off the look du jour. A classic grey herringbone jacket in the winter atop a denim shirt with a slim mustard silk knit tie. Pulling it all together are the antiqued brass tie bar and collar clip. And notice the slight nod to anarchy with the collar flipped out- a perfect touch to an already flawless outfit.


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