The Art of Hosting a Dinner

The art of the dinner party is something we here at GENTRY take very seriously.

Here are several notes we’ve gathered over the years of hosting dinners that we feel are essential to a successful dinner party:

+ Guests : A balance of familiar and unfamiliar- there should always be a dark horse or two who are new faces, they always add a sense of novelty to the conversation. The 80-20 rule of vocation- Not everyone should work in the same industry

+ Restaurant / Food : Family style is always the best. Sharing food is a communal experience.

+ Seating : The art of the seating chart is truly an art form. Split up couples where possible and the boy-girl seating vs. the girl-girl seating is always preferable.

+ Host : Should always sit in the middle of the table.

+ Drinks : Before all sitting down, find a spot near the bar- or when available, around a fire pit outside- where people can ease into the dinner

+ Have a guest list like the ones pictured here:

Mr. Baker – French couture house that cannot be revealed

Mr. Stone – Levis

Ms. Imamura – GENTRY

Mr. Choi – Puma

Mr. Ashby – Michael Kors

Ms. Shaw – Noted Communications

Ms. Waldman – Voyeur

Mr. Anderson – Cultural Engineer

Ms. Tsukahara – Grad Student

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