Googie Architecture | Eldon Davis Dies at 94

His work was described as whimsical, space-age, aerodynamic, groundbreaking. He and his fellow cohorts espoused a style of architecture that became known as Googie Architecture, with a defining trait of being willing to try anything to catch the eye of the passing motorist.

Eldon Davis was an influential architect that was known as the father of the California coffee shop.

His most well-known architectural feats were the original Norm’s on La Cienega and Pann’s in Westchester.

He was for all intents and purposes a groundbreaking voice in mid-century modern architecture that would soon take root in this city.

We mourn his death. But the man left an indelible mark on this city with his eye-catching designs.

LA Times has a nice piece that can be read HERE.


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