60's N.A.S.A. Fashion

We just had dinner with Booth Moore and Adam Tschorn of the LA Times for a long-overdue catch up over Japanese fried chicken and other delectable bar foods.

The random topic- not so much anymore given this weekend’s final launch of the Endeavour from Cape Canaveral– of 60’s N.A.S.A. fashion came up, particularly those short sleeved button-up oxfords that mission control workers would wear beneath their neckties.

We know you remember those iconic photos of mission control with all those career men looking like drones in their white short sleeves shirts and solid color ties…

As summer approaches, we want to firmly stand behind this look as one that is not only weather-appropriate, but modernly stylish as well.

Just make sure your shirt fits well, is cut short, just below the waist (if you decide not to tuck it in), and your tie is a slimmer fit with a brightly colored plaid or gingham print. You want to channel the men of N.A.S.A., not look like them.


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