Rankin Exhibition | Los Angeles Brit Week

One of Britain’s most well-known photographers, Rankin, held a private reception of his new exhibition during Brit Week.

The washed out black and white prints were stunning.


LACMA | Private Art Tour with Curator Robert T. Singer

We had the privilege of being one of 10 guests invited on a private tour with Robert T. Singer, Curator of Japanese art at LACMA and one of the world’s foremost authorities on this subject.

He took us into the vaults below the museum exhibits and gave us a personal look at some of the new treasures acquired by LACMA that have yet to be seen by the general public.

Robert T. Singer was an articulate man who spends much of his time in Japan scouring the art world for pieces he presents to the board of directors and donors in hopes of bringing them back to Los Angeles to display at LACMA.

Of particular interest to us was the textiles and processes that have been used in Japanese art for centuries, many of which have been mimicked in fashion.

The Stahl House | Case Study House #22

We met with Mark Stahl yesterday, one of the three trustees of The Stahl House, Case Study House #22.

If you are unfamiliar and uninitiated, this is an architectural gem in Los Angeles and has been studied, viewed, toured, photographed and applauded many years over since it was built in the mid-50s.

This mid-century modern home has an incredible view of the city. Keep an eye on GENTRY | Stahl

Darri Lorenzen at KROME Gallery – Through Feb 13, 2010


From The Website: Krome Gallery presents “In Point of Fact”, a site-performative exhibition by Icelandic artist Darri Lorenzen (*1978). He turns the exhibition space into a real and at the same time virtual protagonist by means of subtle interventions into its architecture and also by transforming it within a computer generated three-dimensional simulation. In the center of the (real) space stands a wooden, antique vitrine deriving from the inventory of the adjacent former Karl-Marx-bookstore. This display object becomes both the projection screen (of an absent art object) and the animated actor within the computer simulation – in addition to further personnel gradually made up by the visitors during the time of the exhibition. The visitor is thus becoming a part of an interplay of shifting and overlapping perceptions of space, time and body.

It was already when studying at the art academy in Reykjavik, where Darri Lorenzen graduated in 2003, that he was developing performative models and strategies for the experience of space, time and body. Within his practical education Darri Lorenzen was led to put an emphasis on auditory techniques and processes that he deepened at the Interfaculty Image & Sound of the Royal Art Academy Den Haag from 2002-2003.

Before moving to Berlin in 2005, Darri Lorenzen realized a number of performative projects in Iceland, particularly at The Living Art Museum. Since then he has been creating projects worldwide for solo and group exhibitions such as in New York (Gallery Boreas, 2005), Belgium (Kunsthalle Loppem, 2006), Australia (Gallery BUS, Melbourne 2006), Istanbul (4th International Student Triennial, 2006), Italy (Project Gentili, Prato 2007), Basel (Uovo Open Office, 2008), Norway (5th Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moss 2009).

– KROME Gallery is a premiere gallery space in Berlin showcasing modern artists from throughout the world. If you’re ever in Berlin, this should be at the top of your visit list.

Bis bald – S.

Art & Architecture
Karl-Marx-Allee 82
10243 Berlin

U-Bahn: U5 Strausberger Platz

T: +49 (0)30 280 946 59
F: +49 (0)30 280 946 57


Di – Sa 12 – 18 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung /
Tue – Sat 12 – 6 pm and by appointment

Jim Krantz, the Marlboro Man

pulse7The ubiquitous Marlboro Man, who through the years has become one of the iconic figures of Americana with its embodiment of man in the rugged outdoors with nothing but his bare hands- and Marlboro cigarettes- is based on the commercial photographic work of Jim Krantz. More commonly known is the fact that Richard Prince appropriated the ads in the 1990s and turned them into a million-dollar art piece.

Finally Jim Krantz is getting the recognition he deserves through a show he is having at Colette in Paris. There he will be displaying works from a project with Adam Kimmel, in which he photographed the designer’s spring collection on real cowboys at the ranch in Utah where the original Marlboro ads were shot. Additional landscape and large format portraits taken from a single crowd shot at a bullfight will also be on display.

Jim Krantz’s work will be on display at Colette from Jan. 4 to 30.

Drew Heitzler at Blum & Poe

02sLA Times Art Critic Christopher Knight writes about Drew Heitzler’s “new triptych of three appropriated Hollywood films re-edited and transferred to video [in] an elaborate, highly stylized bit of historical theatre.”

This projected work of melange chronicles the subtle shifts between the Beat Generation and the Pop era, with Hollywood B-movies framing the raw material of this backdrop.

The Wild Ride (1960) has Jack Nicholson as a tragic troublemaker at the dirt-racing track. dennis Hopper is obsessed with a carnival mermaid in Night Tide (1961). And Warren Beatty pursues mercurial Jean Seberg at a sanitarium in Lilith (1964), as fellow patient Peter Fonda commits suicide in despair. Heitzler’s multiple screens, choice of black-and-white pictures and youthful movie stars together seem to recall Andy Warhol’s films, which he began to make in 1963.”

The exhibition is an intimate and unique look into the psyche of Los Angeles through the lens of film and history.

The exhibit runs through January 30th. Blum & Poe is located at 2727 S. La Cienega Boulevard. For more information visit: Blum & Poe.