Behind the Brand | Jewelry Production

What a lot of people forget is that Los Angeles has an incredibly talented garment and jewelry district downtown.

Visiting this bustling part of downtown is one of the favorite parts of our day.

Every GENTRY piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Los Angeles. Supporting our local economy is of utmost importance to us and our business.

Newton N. Minow Dies at 81

Former FCC Chairman Newton N. Minow, a major figure of the Kennedy administration, recently passed away at the age of 81.

He was best known for his speech railing against the mind-numbing characteristics of television, which soon became known as the “vast wasteland” speech.

In this speech he said,

“When television is good, nothing — not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers — nothing is better. But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite each of you to sit down in front of your own television set when your station goes on the air and stay there, for a day, without a book, without a magazine, without a newspaper, without a profit and loss sheet or a rating book to distract you. Keep your eyes glued to that set until the station signs off. I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland”

This speech is considered one of the one hundred best speeches of the 20th century.

We tip our hat to a man who essentially wants us to read a book.

Gentlemanly Advice | How to Wear Your Collar Clip

A signature piece of ours is the collar clip. This particular accoutrement is a modern uptake on the classic collar pin/collar bar that was a prevalent piece of menswear in the 1920s.

This small piece of mens jewelry was designed to clasp on to the tips of each shirt collar, passing underneath the knot of the tie, functioning to keep the collar held steadfastly down and in place.

Unfortunately since those times, dress shirts no longer have the buttons and therefore old collar pins and collar bars have no where to be fastened.

Enter GENTRY and our redesign. Each collar clip is fastened with small pins that pin into the tips of each collar, fastened together by a double link chain that appropriately hangs below the knot of the tie, adding just enough of a touch to elevate your ensemble.

Here we see a gentleman seamlessly pulling off the look du jour. A classic grey herringbone jacket in the winter atop a denim shirt with a slim mustard silk knit tie. Pulling it all together are the antiqued brass tie bar and collar clip. And notice the slight nod to anarchy with the collar flipped out- a perfect touch to an already flawless outfit.

Proper Grooming for a Gentleman

Daily attention to proper grooming is of the utmost importance in maintaining your gentlemanly presence. Just as the perfect pairing of tie and tie bar can make you the envy of the room, so too can your grooming regimen turn you from forgettable to iconic.

Here we give you GENTRY’s take on what we suggest should always be within arms reach on your bathroom counter top.

Baxter of California SKINCARE 1.2.3 – Cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin on a daily basis with a trio of products designed to balance and control excess oil production without drying facial skin.

Baxter of California CLAY POMADE – Styling clay for men’s hair. A blend of natural clay and wax gives hold and texture to hair. Leaves hair with a matte look.

Davines No 2 Mat Moulding Gesso – Another good alternative to Baxter’s Clay Pomade for strong definition and maximum hold with a matte finish.

Byredo Parfums BAL D’AFRIQUE – A warm and romantic vetiver inspired by Paris in the late 20’s and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance. A mix of the Parisian avantgardism and African culture shaped a unique and vibrant expression. The intense life, the excess and euphoria is illustrated by Bal d’Afrique’s neroli, African marigold and Moroccan cedarwood.

Baxter of California Candle – Jasmin Noir – “Flammable,” one in a series of three soy wax-based candles. Produced in partnership with Joya, a trailblazer in the home fragrance design industry, with packaging design by Marc Atlan. A pack of matches from Monocle also adds a touch of class and sophistication not found with your typical Bic lighter.

Chamberlain’s Pain Balm – And just for some perspective and history, these antique pain balm bottles from Chamberlain are the perfect addition to your counter top. The company was founded in the late 19th century but truly began to flourish with various products in the 1920s, particularly with their pain balm under the moniker, Chamberlain Medicine Co.

Mr. Efron in GENTRY | The Salinger Collection

Mr. Efron recently donned a new tie bar from GENTRY’s Salinger Collection at the premiere of his new film, Charlie St. Cloud.

He is the first to have worn this new piece, The Clean Feather, from The Salinger Collection, in stores Fall 2010.

Thanks to our good friend Jenny Ricker for her styling prowess.

This piece is not in stores until September 1, 2010.

For now, you can purchase from The Fitzgerald and The Hemingway Collections at:

Revolve (Online)

Confederacy (LA)

Acrimony (SF)

Toni Torres & Min Young Lee

Yesterday we sat down over a beautiful home made lunch at The Alfred House with our friends Toni Torres and Min Young Lee to review the selects from GENTRY’s Fall 2010 photo shoot.

The selects proved to be stunning. Toni Torres captured the mood and aesthetic of GENTRY expertly.

The lunch also gave us a chance to get to know his fiance, Min Young Lee, a little better. She told us about her crazy days living in NYC working for top  and brands such as Comme de Garcons among others. Her experience soon led her to Los Angeles where she has launched her eponymous line, Min Young Lee. Check it out HERE.