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Gentry Fall 2010 Campaign Photo Shoot | Part 1

GENTRY just wrapped its Fall 2010 photo shoot for The Salinger Collection.

Although proper decorum calls for never congratulating oneself too profusely, our mothers have also taught us that there are exceptions to every rule. So in honor of my mother, I would like to say that GENTRY has officially arrived.

Union Station Track 13 was home to the Patron Express where we shot our campaign.

Toni Torres’ years of experience shooting men translated into a mood straight from a 50s noir film.

And our hats are tipped to the 4 gentlemen who are the new face of GENTRY.

The New American Gentry Class:

Anthony Mandler

Rich Voll

Warren Alfie Baker

Chris Clancy

This is just a small preview of 2 of the 8 set ups we did for this shoot. In the coming days, we will continue to release more photos as well as introduce you to each of the gentlemen who are the first to be granted membership in the New American Gentry Class.

Esquire | Confederacy | Gentry

Although it was your mother who carried you for 9 months, we cannot forget that it was your father who provided the much needed instigating fertilization element that made you possible.

And to show him how appreciative you are of his virile fertility, why don’t you take the advice of one of Los Angeles’ most prolific stylists and store owners, Ilaria Urbinati, and buy him a GENTRY box set complete with tie, accessories and pocket square.

A big thanks to our friend Ilaria and Nicholas of Confederacy for showing us some love.

We’ll see you guys tonight at the Confederacy Pop Up Shop at The Roosevelt.

You can purchase the best gift your dad ever received at SHOP CONFEDERACY

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Style in Films – Booth Moore

Aline Weber and Nicholas Hoult star in Tom Ford's "A Single Man"

Aline Weber and Nicholas Hoult star in Tom Ford's "A Single Man"

LA Times Fashion Critic Booth Moore, wrote a great piece in today’s Image Section about “The details of clothing- which can reveal a sense of place or status or desire…”

The piece focuses is an interesting look into the world of costumer designer’s and their ability to convey so much through so little, which is best described by Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes when he exclaims, “Details are the only things tat are important.”

Read Booth Moore’s full article HERE.

GENTRY — Life Lived in Details

GENTRY is a modern rethinking of classic men’s accessories inspired by the golden era of menswear, a time when attention to the finer points made all the difference. It harkens back to a time when thick plumes of smoke and the aroma of aged brandy effortlessly wafted around the debates and discussions of serious men in slick suits. The accessories found in every GENTRY box provide the sartorial details that push a man from forgettable to timeless.

This is our Travelogue of the Gentry. It is a closely edited collection of writings, musings, observations and images from a class of gentlemen from around the globe. Each embodies discerning taste and worldly gentility, the defining traits of the New American Gentry. In these pages, it is our aim to inform, enlighten and incite intrigue and discussion of people, places and things that oft go overlooked.